MAGTECH 22LR 50rd 40gr Standard Velocity (BC0621)

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Accurate and Affordable Magtech 40-Grain .22 LR Round Nose Ammunition

This Magtech .22 Long Rifle ammunition features a lead round nose projectile for improved reliability in a variety of firearms. The cartridges utilize a 40-grain bullet capable of traveling at 1070 fps, giving them 102 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. This ammunition is great for target shooting, training at the range and plinking. When you need dependable ammunition that you can count on, you can trust in Magtech.

When it comes time to purchase ammunition for your next trip to the range, choose Magtech. Magtech shooting sport ammunition is an excellent brand of high-quality, low-cost target ammunition. Each cartridge is assembled using only the highest-quality components and rigorous quality-control standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. The result is an affordable, value-packed ammunition that delivers the top-notch performance you demand... round after round.


Manufacturer Number  22B
Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight 40 Grain
Bullet Type Lead Round Nose
Case Brass
Muzzle Velocity 1070 fps
Muzzle Energy 102 ft/lbs
Uses Target Shooting, Training and Plinking


22B Velocity Energy Trajectory
fps ft.lbs inch
Muzzle 1150 117 ------
50 Yards 1048 98 1.8-
100 Yards 976 85 11.5-
Test Barrel Length: 24 inch