GOATGUNS Miniature AR-15 Black Model

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Goatguns are forged from diecast metal. Each model takes between 2-4 years to create. The perfect gift, decoration, or collector's item. These incredible and very accuraate replicas have are high quality die-cast replicas with quality you can feel. 


  • Includes display stand and dummy rounds
  • Removable magazine with working mag release lever.
  • Comes with 3 dummy 5.56mm rounds
  • Functioning Parts
  • Adjustable stock, muzzle tightens on and off.
  • Trigger squeezes, sights adjust on picitinny railing
  • Chambers and cycles little 5.56NATO dummy rounds


The AR-15, initially developed by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s, is a versatile and modular semi-automatic rifle. It can be chambered for various cartridges. Widely recognized as a civilian firearm, it has several iterations, including the civilian AR-15 and the military M16.

Renowned for its adaptability, it has extensive use in civilian, law enforcement, and military applications. The AR-15's legacy is marked by its modular design and significant impact on contemporary rifle development.

Unlock this amazing design in miniature model form and get this proud piece of USA as a timepiece for your desk.

Buy and build your miniature AR15 model today!