Company Policies

Below is an extensive, though not comprehensive, set of store policies on services, transfers, in-store purchases, and online purchases. For questions, please call 817-479-7916


Inbound transfers are serviced immediately, customer will be contacted upon receiving the transfer into our system. Without contact information, the sender will be notified. If the transferee is unable to collect the transfer or pay the transfer fee, the item will be returned to the retailer at the transferee's cost. Should the transfer be left with us for greater than 30 days from notification of receipt, it is subject to a $20/month storage fee. After 180 days of no contact and no collection, the transfer will be made available for sale to cover the storage fees or returned to vendor dependent on circumstances. Exceptions will be made for qualifying cases. Please contact us if you are unable to collect your serialized item for any reason and arrangements will be made.  

Store Credit

Store credit trade-ins are offered at a higher value than cash offers for used guns and accessories. Store credit can at no time be cashed in for liquid funds and can only be used in-store. This credit applies to any purchase, including services and transfers.


Discounts for services only are provided to LEO and Military at 10% off. Eligibility is determined by valid ID.

We do not offer any standard product discounts.

In-Store Purchases

Purchase of serialized items: Qualifying buyers, who are of age and hold a valid ID with up to date address, will complete a 4473 form and have a background check submitted if required. Response from NICS determines subsequent procedure. Should you receive a PROCEED status, the sale will be completed. DENY terminates purchase and DELAY will be handled as determined by NICS, ATF, and Brady Act. There are no returns or exchanges available for serialized items.

Purchase of accessories: When purchasing optics and parts through our shop, we offer professional installation free of charge. This complimentary service is limited to our discretion. Returns and exchanges are permitted for accessories, limited to product condition, return reason, and proof of purchase.

Purchase of ammo: We only sell factory new ammunition. There are no returns or exchanges allowed on ammunition. You must be over 18 to purchase ammunition of any kind, and over 21 to purchase handgun ammunition.

Returns and Special Order cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee. This will be 15% of the order value withheld. This fee cannot be used as store credit and is deducted from the customer's refund.

Gunsmithing Services

Services are backed by our functionality guarantee and are covered under our warranty for the period following the service. Eligibilty for warranty repair is determined at the discretion of our business. Without opting for the testfire service, we are unable to guarantee functionality 100% and we do not assume liability in the event of malfunction.

Serialized Item Possession

Transfers that have been left in our possession for greater than 30 days after intial contact will fromt that point accrue a charge of $20/month for storage. Special accommodations can be made, contact us with any expected delays. This DOES NOT apply to NFA transfers that are pending Form 4 approval. The $20/month storage charge will apply to NFA items with approved Form 4 that have been left in our possession for greater than 30 days past notification of Form 4 approval. There are exceptions for qualifying circumstances.  

Layaway terms are 20% down with 90 days to pay. Upon 90 days without payment, the item will be made available for sale and the deposit funds will be held under the customer account. The deposit cannot be returned for cash or liquid funds, only store credit. Layaway firearms are held in our possession until the customer can pay in full, file a 4473, and pass a background check. These will not be made available for sale.

NFA items will be held for the duration of Form 1,3, or 4 review by the ATF and will not be made available for sale. Upon approval of your form, the customer will come in to file a 4473 and collect their serialized NFA item. There is no background check submitted at this time.

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